How to Win NaNoWriMo Every Time

“Write a novel in 30 days.” That’s the challenge of National Novel Writing Month. And over 80% of people who enter it fail in the first week.


This book tackles the ins and outs of NaNoWriMo to help people get to the winner’s circle. Learn the difference between “writing a novel” and “writing for NaNo” (they aren’t the same thing). All the information you need to know to win NaNo every time is packed in here.

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15 Day Creativity Bootcamp

Are you creative? A lot of people would reply “no” or maybe “not really.”

But the crazy thing is everyone has the potential to be. And it can make such a difference in life no matter what your career or focus.

The 15 Day Creativity Boot Camp is a way to learn the HOW of creativity. It is a book about action, not just information. We walk step by step through creative exercises that can change how you think. If you want to train your brain to find unique ways of solving problems, 15 days and this book will make a difference.

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Responding to Russell

Bertrand Russell’s essay “Why I Am Not A Christian” has a wealth of things to explore. It makes some solid points, and some that aren’t grounded in a full understanding of Christianity.

This short book is a direct response to Mr. Russell’s work and lays out the deeper concepts behind the original essay. Right now it’s available for free for anyone interested in expanding their understanding of theology.

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Never Say Midnight Again

In the early 2000’s I ran a website called This book is a murder mystery novel written by the main character, Fred. It is, more accurately, a parody of a murder mystery novel, filled with humor and ridiculous situations. If you’re looking for something light and amusing to read, check out Never Say Midnight Again!

Currently available at a name-your-own-price model via Patreon.

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