"The structure, encouragement, and clear feedback that JK brings to the coaching sessions has helped tremendously to develop my technical and creative skills. I highly recommend him!"

-Rebecca D.

I have over twenty years of professional writing experience to share with you, to take your work to the next level. We’ll sit together and make sure your idea creation, characters, story, and quality of writing are all the best they can be. Plus I can provide tips and techniques picked up from decades of both direct experience and countless books on the craft. (I can also suggest which writing books are worth picking up and which you can probably leave on the shelf.)

Most importantly we’ll get you writing, because sometimes what we all need is a push toward concrete goals and deadlines. It’s helpful to have someone to be accountable to so we get our butt in the chair and start typing. Together we’ll get work done.

If you’re ready to improve your writing with a friendly and encouraging mentor by your side, here’s the contact form so we can chat. Even if you just have questions about it, it’s better to ask than to only wonder:

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“All writing should be both creative and clear. Creative - because no reader wants to read something bland. Clear - because no amount of creativity can save murky writing.”