There's nothing more helpful than one-on-one expert advice.

What’s a Writing Coach?

I’m a guide and mentor for writers who genuinely want to improve their craft.

  • Get distracted easily?

    We’ll work on writing discipline and accountability.

  • Struggle with writer’s block?

    We’ll take it apart and eliminate it for good.

  • Have ideas that just aren’t getting written?

    You need someone to help you past that plateau.

You’re here because you want to be a writer, but know you need some extra support. That’s what Writing Coaches are all about.

How does it work?

We begin with five 1-hour sessions, one per week. At the end of that set we can discuss if you feel more would be helpful. We’ll also start with “Session Zero” - a 30 minute video chat to talk about your goals and make sure we’re a good fit to work together. You don’t want a coach you don’t feel comfortable with, so this helps to make sure you’ve found the right person to be your guide.

I’ve got 20+ years of experience to share, and will give you a personalized Worksheet each session specifically designed to improve your skills. We’ll go over your writing practice line by line and look at what’s working well and specifically how to fix what isn’t. There’s nothing more useful than one-on-one feedback.

How about costs?

Standard writing coach rates are $75-$150 per hour. My normal rate is $120 per session. But right now I’m kicking off 2021 with a special deal and offering authors a five pack at just $80 per session. Writing coaches are an investment in your craft and career, and to get an investment on sale is pretty unusual. But 2020 was pretty unusual so let’s go with it.

I’m happy to work with you for as long as you like, but my ultimate goal is to get you to a place where you don’t even need me. Think of a flying instructor: At first I’ll go up in the plane with you, but eventually you want to be flying solo and going anywhere you like. My job is to get you to that point and cheer you on as you take off for the great wide yonder.

All writers can use a good writing coach, so let me know when you’d like to get started! I am currently accepting clients, though coaching slots are limited and will be unavailable when full. Contact me here.