J.K. Riki

Writing Craft

New Work – Theological Writing

Today begins a new endeavor for me. Weekend Panda is still my focus as we attempt to make the business work, and I am also doing some fun animation freelance stuff at the moment (which definitely helps pay bills!), but in the midst of that I have started some theological writing. My plan is to complete a short book on one of a few possible subjects and edit it for…
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NaNoWriMo 2018

We have reached the final week of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short) and I once again have been participating. As I type these words I can’t help but think “Dang, these don’t count towards the 50,000 word goal…” As such I will keep it brief, so I can get back to words that do count! 2018’s NaNo has been an interesting one for me. As usual I went…
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Stein’s One-Plus-One Writing Tip

While I generally keep the blog topics broad, today we’re going to dig in to one specific creative pursuit: Writing. (You might want to read this post even if you’re not a writer, but regardless, normal creativity and inspiration posts will return next week.) I’ve always enjoyed writing. Unfortunately – as can happen when you have a knack for something – I spent most of my life resting on my…
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