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New Adventures for May 2019

I have done a poor job keeping the ol’ blog updated this year, but rather than lament that let’s just jump into some news about what’s been going on, and the future! Fred Wrote a Book! If you follow Fred the Monkey on Facebook you may have heard he finished the Murder Mystery Novel he started writing many moons ago. Now, when it comes to Fred’s posts on Facebook it’s…
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New Work – Theological Writing

Today begins a new endeavor for me. Weekend Panda is still my focus as we attempt to make the business work, and I am also doing some fun animation freelance stuff at the moment (which definitely helps pay bills!), but in the midst of that I have started some theological writing. My plan is to complete a short book on one of a few possible subjects and edit it for…
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NaNoWriMo 2018

We have reached the final week of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short) and I once again have been participating. As I type these words I can’t help but think “Dang, these don’t count towards the 50,000 word goal…” As such I will keep it brief, so I can get back to words that do count! 2018’s NaNo has been an interesting one for me. As usual I went…
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Stein’s One-Plus-One Writing Tip

While I generally keep the blog topics broad, today we’re going to dig in to one specific creative pursuit: Writing. (You might want to read this post even if you’re not a writer, but regardless, normal creativity and inspiration posts will return next week.) I’ve always enjoyed writing. Unfortunately – as can happen when you have a knack for something – I spent most of my life resting on my…
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