J.K. Riki

Weekend Panda

The Downside to Eclectic Creativity

Creativity is, in many ways, about endless possibility. Limitations can help guide your process, but at its core the early stages of Creativity require you to lower the castle drawbridge and invite any and all ideas into your courtyard. As a result, you can come up with a ton of amazing ideas, even if those ideas have almost nothing to do with one another. Last week I talked about Weekend…
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Closer and Closer to Game Launch!

The game development studio my wife and I started this year “Weekend Panda” (which now has an About Us page!) is getting closer and closer to releasing our first game. I thought I’d take a minute to talk about it today, to let you know what’s on the horizon! The game is called “The Death of Mr. Fishy” and it’s a full-version of the little prototype we made last year…
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Production vs. Progress

As my wife and I continue to work on our new full-time Indiedev venture, I am learning lessons on a daily basis. (Most of them revolve around patience when technology doesn’t do what I expect it to. Or rather, how little patience I currently have for such times.) One interesting and unexpected lesson from this new job is discovering a pretty massive difference in views on productivity between Artist and…
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Artistential Crisis

I’ve had my fair share of existential crisis experiences in my life. One might say more than my fair share. Today I am experiencing something new, which I think is best explained as “an existential crisis, but art.” Long story short, I like this image: That is a good looking image, right there! It has appeal and style, and I am content to look at that image for a long…
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An Exciting and Terrifying Leap

This past Friday my wife gave her two week’s notice at a job she’s had for thirteen years. She is leaving to team up with me and run our own business. I am a healthy mix of excited and terrified. Excited because it’s always been a dream of mine to work alongside her full time. My wife is my best friend, and to spend nine hours of every weekday apart…
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