J.K. Riki


The Morning After The Despair

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog post. Rather than dwell on that, let me jump right to what I want to share today. Yesterday I decided to be a responsible adult and begin monitoring the statistical data of our first three Weekend Panda apps. I’ve checked in now and then as we’ve produced games during this past year, but for the best results in business…
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3 GameDev Lessons from Panda and Penguin’s Puzzle Adventure

Our next game Panda and Penguin’s Puzzle Adventure is set for a July 2018 release. Today I want to talk about a few big lessons I learned from the project that I will try to keep in mind going forward with future game development. Lessons like these help a ton as we are gaining more and more experience with each new game. #1. Don’t do “Reward Art” At the end…
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New Game Coming!

Our next game is officially announced! It’s called Panda and Penguin’s Puzzle Adventure, and you can read all the details at WeekendPanda.com. I’ll also talk a little about it for today’s blog post. In PnP’s Puzzle Adventure, formally codenamed “Pandas and Penguins,” you draw lines and platforms so that gravity brings the two friends back together again in each level. Some levels, like the one in the example gif above,…
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The Hard Parts of GameDev: Failed Design

Today I am going to share a lament, for I am feeling disappointed. (There is a lesson to learn here, though, and so a silver lining glistens on the cloud hovering over me.) As I mentioned in a previous post, our second Weekend Panda game is a big departure from our first (The Death of Mr. Fishy). It has a completely different audience in mind. Unfortunately yesterday I presented an…
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