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Brain Blinking

Every time you blink, your eyes go through a self-cleaning process. Moisture is spread by the eyelids, and debris or irritants – some of which you might not even feel – are removed. Blinking isn’t an option. If you don’t do it, or can’t, you will go blind. Imagine if it wasn’t a natural response of our bodies. How many people would try to squeeze out a few extra minutes…
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Everything Sucks (At First)

Two or three years ago, I bought a guitar so my wife and I could learn to play. Since then, I’ve messed around with it once or twice, but as anyone who has ever learned to play the guitar will tell you: When you first try to play a guitar, it sucks. Not only do the chord fingerings feel impossible to switch between, the steel strings eat into your fingertips…
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My 2016 List of Goals

Ever since 2011, I’ve sat down in January and created a list of goals for the upcoming year. I find it to be a helpful way to make sure December doesn’t roll around with my thinking “Where did that year go? What did I even do?” I also amend my previous list with any major accomplishments I didn’t have planned. If you’ve never put your goals into concrete form like…
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Why I’m Leaving the Internet in 2016

Okay, that headline is a little misleading, I’ll admit it. More accurately, I’ve decided that during the month of January I’m going to limit all Internet use to one hour per day. That includes Email Instant Messaging Message Boards Twitter General Online Searching and Perusing and Time Wasting Why would I do such a crazy thing? For starters, I’ve kept tabs on where I spend a vast majority of my…
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