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Wisdom from Daisaku Ikeda

“Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end. -Daisaku Ikeda

Your Yearly Reminder to Start

Last year around this time I wrote a post about the Curse of the Debut. I also had the opportunity to sit and talk with my friend Ferdinand the other day, for nearly an hour and a half, about creative projects, art, and life in general. It reminded me of something important, that I once again want to be a signpost to: This is a reminder that your dream project…
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Two Minutes of Quiet

Today is a short post to share a simple story. This morning I decided to take a few minutes to meditate before jumping into the mad rush of life. I had no specific goal in mind, nor a focus for what to think about. I simply knew it was time to schedule in a bit of quiet and peace among the craziness of the day to day. After only a…
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Encouragement vs. Discouragement

In our lives we inevitably come upon situations with both encouraging and discouraging responses. If you’re anything like me, you may find that you unconsciously focus on the negative replies. Here we find ourselves with an opportunity. We cannot change the responses we get. They are from outside us. But we can change our focus. This is akin to the quote by Maya Angelou who said “If you don’t like…
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One of those weeks!

I have several topics I’d like to write about, but none seem quite right. I need a little more time to consider them and make necessary edits, so I apologize but I’m going to miss today’s regular update. I’d rather not just post something for the sake of posting. I hope that next week’s update will be far stronger as a result. Thanks for understanding!

The Benefits of a Visual To-Do List

How might a small change in to-do list creation have a big impact on motivation? Each year I create a list of things I’d like to accomplish (or at least keep in mind) during the stretch from January to December. This gives me an opportunity to check in once a month and be reminded of things I might have put on the back burner or forgotten about. Last year I…
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For some, it might be sexually explicit images. Others, perhaps, get their kicks from the rush of political power. Or fame, or wealth, or material possessions. To me, the very word “relaunch” sends shivers up the spine. Okay, maybe that’s being a little melodramatic. Still, anyone who has been around long enough knows I used to relaunch FredtheMonkey.com like it was always going out of style. As soon as a…
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Picture It

I have a vase on my desk, and inside is a single flower. It’s a pink Gerber Daisy. I find Gerber Daisies to be such uplifting flowers. Though Plumeria will always be my favorite, there’s a special place in my world for Gerber Daisies. In fact, I recently made that place in my world for them. A while back, while reading through a book about material possessions, I came across…
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What Drives You?

We all need a driving force if we want to be productive. The sheer number of shows on Netflix encourage us to sit and consume (the opposite of producing) until we slowly turn to dust. Or, if you don’t have Netflix, there are plenty of activities in our world to eat away all our time, from birth to death. For many, money is a driving force. Whether that be for…
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The 3AM Conundrum

I often wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes it’s because of a dream, while other times some health issue forces me awake. On occasion I will just find myself staring into the dark for no real reason at all, unable to fall back to sleep. Being wide awake in the middle of the night can be a tricky thing to deal with. I usually have a wealth…
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