J.K. Riki

Goodbye Blog, Hello Blog

The time has come for a change, and so this post bids farewell to the blog at JKRiki.com.

A quick glance shows I had not kept up with it over the last year or two. These things happen. Rather than let it slowly fade, the remaining audience wondering when or if it would ever be updated again, I am officially announcing its end.

But with ends come new beginnings. For 2020 I will be maintaining a new blog, focused on Theology and Philosophy, which you can find here. One of my 2020 goals is to write at least 501 words every day, to practice my craft. Any entries that fit the new blog’s theme will be posted for others to contemplate and enjoy.

I thank you for spending time at this blog while it lasted, and I hope you have a wonderful 2020. See you around 500-Word Theology, I hope! 🙂


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