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New Adventures for May 2019

I have done a poor job keeping the ol’ blog updated this year, but rather than lament that let’s just jump into some news about what’s been going on, and the future!

Fred Wrote a Book!

If you follow Fred the Monkey on Facebook you may have heard he finished the Murder Mystery Novel he started writing many moons ago. Now, when it comes to Fred’s posts on Facebook it’s possible you can’t believe a single word of it, but in this case I can confirm the accuracy. The adventures of Detective J.T. Musclesteel have been penned and the 19,208 word novel will arrive on your bookshelf (or likely digital eReader) later this year! Keep in mind it is terribly, terribly written. Here’s an excerpt:

“Did you make sure the victim was really dead?” asked the chief.

“YES CHIEF,” Musclesteel rolled his eyes. “How long as you going to keep asking me that? I only made that mistake 11 times.”

“That’s eight times too many, Musclesteel,” the chief glared. “Alright, you’ve got ten minutes to ask your questions before the government mandated lawyer comes and stops you from asking any more questions.”

“Pssh. Government mandated lawyers,” said Musclesteel with disdain. “I have such disdain for them.”

“I know you do, Musclesteel,” said the chief. “Everyone knows that fact about you because it is one of your dominate traits and will maybe be essential to the story later.”

Anyway, hope you look forward to that if you’re into potentially-hilarious murder mystery stories written by monkeys!

We Traveled the World!

My wife and I recently returned from many weeks on the other side of the planet. We visited China, New Zealand, and Australia. It was a fun trip, but crazy long and tiring! The jetlag has finally passed and it’s back to work on the next Weekend Panda game. Slow going, but hopefully it will release sooner rather than later. (A reminder you can keep up to date with it and see art as it is being done via @WeekendPanda on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram.)

Speaking of Work…

After a long, long time as a freelance animator and artist, the time has come for me to return to what most people call a “normal job.” The mortgage looms large and since full-time game development doesn’t pay the bills yet I will be finding a regular job in the next month or so. It has been amazing doing gamedev full time and working with my wife every day, and I hope to return to it one day when it is financially feasible to do so. For now it just isn’t. Fear not, though: We’re still going to work hard making games, it just has to be after-hours again instead of full time.

More Writing Ahoy

One other thing that came of our recent trip was that some sort of mental-switch in my head flipped and I realized I’m in (or fully heading-into) the second half of my life on this earth. There are some things I put off to do “later” and frankly it seems “later” has arrived. So no more procrastinating, it’s time I get them done! A large part of that is writing and publishing some books I’ve wanted to create. I’ve been hard at work on them (including the Fred novel, so that’s one thing off the list) and I hope to share more about them over the summer. I’m not sure when they’ll be finished and released, but I’m ready to buckle down and make it happen. I loved the feeling of having The 15 Day Creativity Boot Camp in my hands, and I look forward to a similar feeling with future books, both fiction and non-fiction.

A Return to Hyrule

Last thing to note, even though it is far less big-and-heavy as the rest, is that today I will be starting Zelda: Breath of the Wild again. I wanted to play a second time and planned to in January 2018. Somehow it didn’t turn out that way, though. I realize now that with all the work I have to do if I don’t schedule in and make time for playing games it just doesn’t happen, so I’m scheduling it in now. I want (and need) to find the balance between work and play so that I don’t burn out. Looking forward to finding some shrines and koroks all over again!

That’s the update for now. Hopefully months don’t go by before the next post, but in either case I wish you a very happy and productive first day of May, and I hope you are chugging along on your goals for 2019. If not, today is the perfect day to get back on track!

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