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New Work – Theological Writing

Today begins a new endeavor for me. Weekend Panda is still my focus as we attempt to make the business work, and I am also doing some fun animation freelance stuff at the moment (which definitely helps pay bills!), but in the midst of that I have started some theological writing. My plan is to complete a short book on one of a few possible subjects and edit it for release. Whether it sees release or not is unknown, but I’m going to give it a try.

I have always found theology fascinating, on both an intellectual and emotional level, from childhood through my time as an atheist/nihilist and to the present where it is a very large part of my daily life. I read work by C.S. Lewis and N.T. Wright and it inspires me. While I don’t expect to ever be as great as they (or many others) are, I realized that it may be my place to still try. If I can provide some insights through what I’ve learned, written down, to someone else then it seems a worthy use of time and energy. Perhaps more worthy than many things I currently spend time and energy on.

After a lot of prayer and seeking advice from people I consider wise I decided this is something I should attempt. Whatever becomes of it, I expect I’ll learn a great deal from giving it a go. I’ll probably discuss it more in time, but I thought I’d share this exciting new undertaking here on the blog. Stay tuned for more if this seems like it would interest you! (If not, don’t worry, I’ll still continue posting about art and creativity and the like. All these subjects remain passions of mine, and they’re fun to talk about.)

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