J.K. Riki

Misunderstanding Things We Don’t Like

Something I have continually run into lately is the idea of people not understanding concepts they dislike. What I mean by that is they are presented with an idea, but because they dislike it they do not allow themselves to explore it, and as a result they can’t understand it. Not because they couldn’t if they explored it more fully, but because they have put up a wall and refused to peer over it.

Sometimes walls are good, if we’re honest. There are some cases where exploring might do more harm than good. It takes wisdom to discern when it’s time to put up a barrier against an idea and when to try to understand it even IF we disagree. There’s probably no one-size-fits-all advice for how to handle situations like that. What I would say, though, is that it’s a great idea to notice when we don’t understand something because we put up a wall (dislike it) vs. when the idea or situation doesn’t make actual sense. (If it makes sense to others, chances are good it is at least understandable, so that is an indication that the wall may have gone up.)

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