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New Game Coming!

Our next game is officially announced! It’s called Panda and Penguin’s Puzzle Adventure, and you can read all the details at WeekendPanda.com. I’ll also talk a little about it for today’s blog post.

In PnP’s Puzzle Adventure, formally codenamed “Pandas and Penguins,” you draw lines and platforms so that gravity brings the two friends back together again in each level. Some levels, like the one in the example gif above, are relatively straight forward, but as you progress through the game the puzzles get more and more tricky and you’ll have to use your noggin to come up with the best (or a weird-but-workable!) solution. I think it has a good mix of relaxing puzzles alongside brain teasers.

Our goal is to release the game in July and begin work on Game 3, however alongside the next project we’ll be creating new levels and worlds to include for free in future updates to Puzzle Adventure. So the game begins with over 50 puzzles, but by the end it will have more than 100, if all goes well! In the meantime I hope you’ll give it a try and let me know what you think, once it launches next month.

Until then, I better get back to work! This is definitely a much more ambitious project than The Death of Mr. Fishy was, so there’s a ton to do. (I’m also going to need to take a little vacation when this thing is over! Which is what I said about Mr. Fishy, and then I didn’t… Hmm…)

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