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It’s our First Game Release!

I am on Twitter, both as myself at JK_Riki and our game studio Weekend Panda at WeekendPanda. There’s also Instagram, Facebook, the Weekend Panda site, Twitch, and smaller spots like Deviant Art and random forums. So chances are good you probably heard that we released our first Mobile game a little while ago! But egads, somehow I missed posting it here on my own blog!

Sorry about that.

Here, officially, is The Death of Mr. Fishy, along with the trailer.

Here’s a little behind the scenes info as well, in case anyone wants more details.

  • The Death of Mr. Fishy took about three months to make, but the prototype was created in advance in April 2017 for the game jam Ludum Dare.
  • Originally there were only two endings, but further creative efforts bumped that number to five by the end.
  • My own internal goal was to have 100 downloads in total, which would indicate a successful first game in my eyes. A week after launch we had 114, so… success!
  • We are hard at work on our second game, which will be dramatically different than this one.

And just for kicks, soon I’ll be posting more art from the second game, but if you want to see much of it BEING MADE you can check out these live art streams I did that are now up on YouTube!

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