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Art and some Art-Stream Video Links

Today I’m sharing a bunch of things that came from efforts since last Monday! From adorable NES characters to links to live art streams you may have missed, here you’ll find the fruits of last week’s labor.

I would also add that I’m still enjoying my new job working full time with my wife on Indie Game Development, though I must admit it’s harder work than I’ve done in years. Every day I go to bed tired, and even though I’m still pretty tired in the morning I’m always excited to get back to my desk. Loving your job (and working hard) is a pretty great thing!

On to last week’s work:

To begin, here is the first Live Stream I did on Twitch, which was early work on character design for the next Weekend Panda game. If you want to come experience the art creation process live, I’ll be doing more streams on Twitch as the weeks go on. Check it out at Twitch.tv/WeekendPandaGames.

There are three parts to the panda design series, and you can find Part 2 here and Part 3 here. The art that came from these streams looks like this:

I also did a stand-alone illustration, mostly for fun, of an adorable NES console with a face. My hope is to do a series of these, one for each console. For now it will be only US Nintendo consoles, but if it goes well I might branch out to Sega/Sony/Microsoft consoles, and/or handheld systems. We’ll see! (Side note, who would you vote for Best Console Ever?)

Finally, I did one last stream on Saturday night to work on Level/World Design, and you can watch that here. The early concept work for it looks like this:

Today I’ll be taking those concepts into full-color and final stages! Or, at least, near-final stages. I’ve decided to add one week towards the end of the game development process for “Art Polish” so if I’m unhappy with some aspect of the art design I can go back and tweak things. I think that will allow me to set aside some of the perfectionism plaguing me right now. Knowing I can go back later and change it – and it’s in the schedule to do so – frees me up to just get things DONE for now, so we can move forward with the game.

As always, any thoughts or questions can be left in the comments below or send me a note via Twitter if you’d like! Have an amazing week, and Happy Monday!

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