J.K. Riki

Live Art Stream(s) on Twitch

As work begins on Weekend Panda’s second game, I thought I would stream some of the art-creation-process on Twitch since I’ll be sitting here doing the art anyway! You can come by and check it out if you’d like. The first one will be tomorrow, April 3rd at 5PM EST but if all goes well I’ll do it again in the coming days/weeks.

I’m guessing I’ll stream for about an hour or so, and if anyone wants to chat at the same time Twitch has chatting built right in. Here’s the link to where the art stream will be. Full disclosure I have no idea what I’m doing yet, so the first one may be a little rough around the edges. But you have to start somewhere!

Tentatively I’m looking at doing more streams this week Wednesday April 4th at 1PM EST and Thursday April 5th at 8AM EST. I’m trying to have them at different times so people with different schedules can stop by if one particular time is better than another. I’m also open to suggestions for times/days to hold them, if you want to leave a comment with a suggestion. (There will be no streams at 2AM EST, sorry. Old man JK needs his sleep these days. 😛 )

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