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The Death of Mr. Fishy – Game and Launch Details!

Our first official game release will be The Death of Mr. Fishy, launching on Android and Apple mobile devices next month!

I’m excited to share a bunch of the details with you. The game is a choose-your-own-adventure style experience where you have a pet goldfish named Mr. Fishy. It’s got a dark-humor streak to it, as the title may suggest. In the game you will get pop-ups on regular intervals that tell you about Mr. Fishy or detail events that take place. For example, at one point a Fish Accessory Salesman comes to your door and offers his wares of a larger or smaller fish tank. Your choices impact the life of Mr. Fishy, or, potentially, his inevitable demise.

The game is “snack sized” which means you can play and complete it in under 10 minutes. We decided on that for two reasons. We wanted to keep the first release small while we learned the ins and outs of game development. Secondly, these days it seems like Mobile games are created so they have no end, and you just play them forever. Personally I like games with actual endings, that you can feel the sense of accomplishment of finishing.

The Death of Mr. Fishy has five possible endings, so if you like 100%-ing games, you can try to unlock them all. Either way it will be a chance to play and beat a short, fun game without dedicating 100 hours of your life to it!

For now the game will launch in April exclusively on the Google Play store and Apple App Store. While a future PC release is possible, it isn’t planned for the time being just so that we can immediately focus more on our next game. If Mr. Fishy proves to be popular and folks want a PC version later, it’s certainly an option! It would just not happen for a while, if so. Hopefully you can check it out on mobile devices in the meantime. (The good news is even older phones should be able to handle it.)

Oh! And just to be clear, the download is 100% free! No paywalls, in-game-purchases, or even ads to get in your way. We wanted to make this first game totally open so you could sit back and enjoy it fully.

I think that about covers the initial info! Since the game is short I don’t want to spoil it by discussing TOO many in-game details. You can just try it for yourself in a few weeks and be surprised by all the jokes. (And if you are a FredtheMonkey.com fan, maybe there will be a little Easter Egg hidden somewhere in there that mentions a certain dark gray space chicken who aspires to take over the world. Just sayin’.)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask away in the comments or Tweet us @WeekendPanda! In the meantime it’s back to work polishing this puppy up and getting ready for launch day (which I’ll announce specifically when we get a little closer to April).

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