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Closer and Closer to Game Launch!

The game development studio my wife and I started this year “Weekend Panda” (which now has an About Us page!) is getting closer and closer to releasing our first game. I thought I’d take a minute to talk about it today, to let you know what’s on the horizon!

The game is called “The Death of Mr. Fishy” and it’s a full-version of the little prototype we made last year called Mr. Fishy’s Small World. To sum it up, it’s a “Snack-sized, dark-humor, choose-your-own-adventure style game about owning a doomed goldfish.”

The whole game can be played and enjoyed in about 10 minutes, hence the “snack-sized” aspect. We wanted to start small, and also make something even busy people could download for a laugh. If you enjoyed FredtheMonkey.com cartoons back in the day, think about what might happen “if Sceb made a game about a fish.” That’s probably the best way to explain it, if you know who Sceb is. 😉

There will be Five official endings that you can find, if you’re a completionist, or you can just play until the poor fish is dead. It’s totally up to you. Since it’s all about humor, you just play until you’ve had your fun and then move on with your life! This seems a stark contrast to the way a lot of games are designed, where getting and KEEPING players is the goal. Nope, Mr. Fishy is just here to entertain you, and then it’s “see you next time.”

Also it will be free. Which means it does nothing to help us keep food on the table, but it’s just the first step into our foray of game-making! (In fact, this past week I started early possible design for Game #2. But that’s a future post.)

Anyway, I hope you’ll be open to trying it out when it releases. I don’t have a set day to tell you yet, but if you want to be the first to know you can enter your email on the Weekend Panda website and it will send you an email the moment Mr. Fishy hits the app store (both Apple and Android are the current plan). Otherwise I’m sure I’ll be celebrating the launch here, too, so you can stop back and find out that way.

I’m excited! I know I’m more excited than others because I am helping to make it, but still! Weeeeee!


  1. Adam

    I’m excited! This is exciting! EXCITEMENT ABOUNDING!

    While I’m no expert on game development, starting with a small, free game as a warm-up (and to get Weekend Panda’s name out there) seems like a smart way to start. Will The Death of Mr. Fishy be available in any form on PC, by any chance?

    1. JK Riki (Post author)

      Glad I’m not the only excited one! 🙂 As for the PC release, I honestly hadn’t even thought about it until now! That’s a good point. Let me check with the Software Team (aka my wife) to see if a PC release is doable (aka won’t have her strike me down on the spot for adding more work to her overflowing to-do list). Maybe after the two mobile releases we could try to get a port going for download on the website. I don’t think Mr. Fishy is the right fit for Steam, for example, but it could work as a free downloadable game at Weekend Panda, probably!


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