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The Yearly Goals Post: 2018 Edition

For almost a decade now I’ve taken to writing down yearly goals as the calendar rolls over. Some years it’s a list to check off, while others have been more like guidelines. This year I wrote ideas down while on an airplane from Tokyo to Minnesota. The flight was 12 hours long, which might explain why my list this year is longer than all the previous ones combined!*

*That wasn’t really the reason, ha ha. The list is so long this year because I broke down large goals into concrete action-items, and also because I want to make 2018 a year of focused personal growth, so there’s a lot to do.

I thought I’d share a few here, in case anyone wanted to compare and contrast with their own hopes for 2018.

Category 1: Personal Growth
  •  Humility. Listen and understand others. Ask questions and be invested.
  •  Approach situations as “What can I learn and change myself from this?”
  •  Compassion towards any “enemies” on a daily basis
  •  Read different books to expand scope and wisdom
  •  Continued Bible Study including smaller unread books
Category 2: Healthy-ness
  •  Good toothbrush routine
  •  Wisdom teeth out
  •  Meditation
  •  Prayer
  •  Tennis
  •  Be a good physical example/leader
Category 3: Art
  •  Look up and try to better understand “Discipline”
  •  Back to dedicated life drawing practice
  •  Krita tutorials
  •  Affinity Designer tutorials
  •  Ukrainian eggs

There are a bunch of other categories and goals, but that’s a sample at least. (Additional categories include writing, husbandry, guitar, friends/family, Weekend Panda, and supporting others.) I’m excited to get started! My plan is to review these goals on a regular basis just to remind myself to keep on track. I don’t feel the need to check anything off this year, as long as I reach December knowing I have been trying my best on a regular basis. For me 2017 was a huge year of personal growth, and I want to keep that going as time continues to roll on.

Do you have any plans, goals, or hopes for 2018? Don’t forget to make the concrete! Vague goals are much harder to accomplish, so the more detailed the better. 🙂


  1. Adam

    I’m pretty sure “husbandry” is a term for the raising of farm animals… which, for all I know, may be one your goals for 2018. 😉

    Among my goals for this year are to get more sleep, read Scripture more regularly, and make serious progress on the manuscript for my story project.

    I admire your determination not only to do better, but also to be better. Godspeed!

    1. JK Riki (Post author)

      Well sometimes the lack of cleaning our house makes it SEEM like we live in a barn, so that should count, right?

      Good luck with the goals! Let me know if you need a second pair of eyes on any story stuff. Looking forward to it, whenever it’s done!


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