J.K. Riki

Looking Towards 2018

A new year is upon us, and I noticed something as the calendar rolled over. A lot of artists (and folks in general) did not think fondly of 2017. I saw comic after comic of people fighting with an anthropomorphic version of the year. Some of them were beaten up by Mr. 2017, some of them delivered the blows, but in all cases the same theme appeared: Violence. It was a battle between person and circumstance.

I decided to do a comic of my own, and take a different approach.

There’s a lot of hate in the world. I get it. Life is hard, and sometimes it seems to be getting harder every day. Situations beyond our control feel… well, beyond our control. At the same time, we have such an opportunity to approach the 365 days of a year with a certain attitude. An attitude WE get to choose. Because no matter what is going on around us, how we react is in our hands. No one else gets to decide that for us.

I wish for you an amazing 2018 filled with love, lessons, personal growth, and peace. Remember as we start this new calendar year, we will have the power on December 31st 2018 to look back with whatever perspective we wish. A lot of it will be decided by how we react to the days that are currently ahead of us. Choose well! This is, after all, your very life we’re talking about.

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