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Once Upon A Time (A Story of the Future)

Once upon a time I launched JKRiki.com, right around the launch of my first book. A large part of creating the site was centered around the book, and supporting the book. After all, “the experts” tell you to have blogs and newsletters and all sorts of things to support sales of your product, whatever that product might be.

What the experts don’t often tell you is that it can feel pretty empty when you put your focus there.

I mentioned this in a previous post, but today I want to make an official announcement about the future of this website: I’m making it personal.

The site is called JKRiki.com. Making it about my book, or some elaborate ad for the book, or whatever it was I was thinking… it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t have a passion for sales. I have a passion for creative thinking, and art, and deep philosophical thought, and altruism, and personal growth, and my faith. All these things combine to make me who I am. Book sales aren’t anywhere in the Top 100 of that list.

I’ve decided to leave the site as it is for now, but the blog is changing pretty dramatically. It will be a personal blog, as I used to have in the old FredtheMonkey.com days. The blog will be a place for me to share what I’m thinking, or projects I’m creating, in the hopes that it sparks mindful ideas in others as well. If it doesn’t, so be it. Either way, it will be a lot more honest.

I’m making changes across the board in favor of honesty. I don’t want the person I am online to be different than the person I am in real life, or the person I am with strangers to be different than the person I am in private with my closest friends. I want to shed all those layers of variation and just be myself. (I also want to keep working to make that “myself” as kind and patient and caring as possible.)

I understand if any regular readers to the blog or newsletter feel the need to leave or unsubscribe. I sold this site as a beacon to creativity. There will still be plenty of creativity in future posts, but it won’t be the total focus anymore.

I don’t know how often the blog will update, but I’m sitting down now to write next week’s post. I hope you’ll swing by on Monday December 11th and see what there is to see. I’m excited to find out myself.

Until then, may your heart be filled with peace and your brain filled with amazing ideas!


  1. Adam

    Welcome back! I like the more heartfelt, personal direction in which you seem to be taking this blog, and I hope this new direction is easier and more fulfilling for you to write. Godspeed!

    1. JK Riki (Post author)

      Thanks! I think it will indeed be more fulfilling. Hopefully for others as well as myself! 🙂

  2. Ebb

    All sounds good to me! : )


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