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Trashed Idea: A Video Log

On my way back from Calgary Canada recently I spent part of the flight jotting down ideas for when I returned to my office. Feeling refreshed from the time spent with nature, possibilities flowed from my pen onto the paper with ease and grace. I was psyched and ready to get back to work.

Once my feet were back on the ground and a few days had passed, I revisited this list and came across the idea to start a weekly video log to compliment this blog. I could use it to talk about a number of things, or even record and showcase my guitar playing attempts. I fired up my webcam to get started.

Then I paused.

Though there’s nothing necessarily wrong with video logs, it suddenly struck me that what I don’t need in my life is another place to shine a spotlight on myself and declare “Look at meeeeeeeee!” In fact, our world just might have enough of that sort of thing already. I watch as so many people compete for attention online, and frankly this video idea was just another avenue to that.

Why, though? We all may crave attention, but I don’t want to crave attention. I don’t want to add to the noise of our modern world. I had just come from a place of peace and quiet amid mountains so tall I couldn’t hope to climb them. It was refreshing and wonderful. Had I learned nothing from the experience?

I tossed out my plan to do a video log. That’s not to say I may not update my YouTube page now and again (as I have in the past) but I want those videos to be meaningful and not just another thing I do on a regular schedule. If I’m going to say something, I want whatever I say to be fit to be heard.

The same partially holds true for this blog. I have been giving thought into changing things up here. I’ll post more about that in the future though. For now I simply want to keep thinking a bit more about this trashed idea of a video log, why I wrote it in my book, and how I’m glad I came to the conclusion I did before I hit the record button.

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