J.K. Riki

Twitter Experiment: Failure

Last month I decided to dramatically reduce my time on Twitter. So how did it go? Well… not so great.

To start, let me explain what changed for the better. Along with a reduction of time, I went through and unfollowed a lot of the folks who were causing me grief with their constant negativity and pseudo-activism. (Activism is great when you work to accomplish things, but unhelpful when you simply spend all day saying how everyone else is awful.) This removal of the more judgemental folks from my timeline helped tremendously. Logging into Twitter no longer left me feeling drained and bitter.

This may be why the second aspect of the Twitter cleanse failed. Because it became fun again, I logged into Twitter far more often than I initially planned. The first few days went alright, but I quickly became involved in some interesting conversations and found myself back in the app on my phone more and more.

In the end I can’t say this Twitter Experiment was a success. Still, I’m glad I learned about the “Turn off Retweets” option that blocks retweets from any particular account, and it was beneficial to me to hone down the people I follow to remove the accounts filled with negativity and complaints. I’m glad for those positive outcomes, even if the other aspects (limiting time on social media sites) didn’t quite stick! Try, try again…

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