J.K. Riki

Gone Travelin’

Sorry for the spotty updates, summer is in full swing and I’ve been fortunate enough to do some traveling lately. Figured I’d share a few photos from a journey around Arizona! We drove from Phoenix to Sedona and back, with a stop at a little roadside restaurant that had the best pie I’ve ever eaten. Would have expected such things to be found in a New Jersey diner rather than in the middle of the desert! (Also found an In N Out burger, one of my favorite places on Earth.)

Submarine Rock in Sedona

I love the colors on this cactus. They almost look fake.

I enjoy taking close up photos of rocks. Textures are fun.

All that rock climbing at home paid off to scramble up to this little hole in the cliff. (Wanted to try to get all the way to the top, but also didn’t want to die, so…)

It was a good trip filled with lots of inspiring sights and activities! As summer rolls on we’ll be trekking to some other new locales, and I’m looking forward to taking more photos as we go. (Next up: Canada.)

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