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Why I’m Leaving Twitter in 2017

Much like the time I “left the Internet” last year, today’s blog title is misleading. Let me explain.

In early 2016, I chose to limit my time online to one hour per day. It was a useful experience, and I learned a number of great lessons. I rediscovered that post a few weeks ago, and now it’s time for Round Two of the experiment. This time the focus is Twitter.

A few days ago I gave serious consideration into leaving Twitter for good. Deleting the app on my phone, removing any bookmarks on my PC. Why? Twitter has always been a place to share feelings. Unfortunately right now a lot of feelings being shared are self-defeating and extremely negative. If you’ve been around this blog for any length of time, you know I’m a proponent of positive thinking, even (especially!) in the midst of challenges. To be surrounded by messages of doom and gloom is unhelpful to living a rich, content life.

I mentioned my desire to leave and was quickly met with a wealth of tweets and direct messages that were like food for the soul. People interested in me staying (or staying in touch, if I decided to go) quickly reminded me why I like Twitter in the first place: The relationships. I have met and developed friendships with some incredible people via the 140-character social media platform.

Still, something needs to change.

After considering pros and cons and goals and callings, my decision is to return to the format I tried with the whole Internet last year. I will limit my Twitter time to one hour per day for the rest of June. At the same time, I am going to take the advice of my friends Trent, Stephen, and Gregory, who wisely suggested doing some pruning of the tweets I see in my timeline. I don’t want to avoid people who are different than I am, but I also need to find a balance between that goal and not having my day ruined by folks who simply focus on the negative of life and don’t want to make any attempt to be happy. Positive thinking takes effort; I want to be around people, online and off, who make that effort.

We’ll see how it goes! I’ll report back in July for how Part 2 of this limitation-experiment went. (This shouldn’t interfere with regular Monday updates to this blog, though. See you next week, and make today a good one!)


  1. Momomom

    Smart man!

  2. Adam

    I never chimed in on the problem of your negative Twitter experiences, but for the record, I respect your decision to remain on Twitter for the time being. Curating your timeline and setting temporary boundaries are probably better places to start than abandoning Twitter altogether… and nothing will stop you from leaving Twitter next month if your experiment doesn’t succeed. I think you’re wise to test a couple of less extreme solutions to the problem before jumping immediately to the most extreme one.

    Besides, Twitter needs all the positivity it can get! And I, selfishly, will miss keeping up with you via Twitter if you leave. 🙂

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