J.K. Riki

Positivity is a Choice

Every day we experience things both good and bad. How you approach each and every experience will have a major affect on your life overall. Dwelling on negative things keeps them fresh in your mind, and strengthens the parts of your brain where negativity resides. On the other hand, finding silver linings and looking at challenges as opportunities to improve literally makes being more positive easier for you in the future.

Today there are going to be great things, and things we’d rather be different. We can change the things in our control, but have no power over anything that isn’t. We can choose, regardless, to focus on either the negative or the positive with each new moment that arrives.

Do you want to be happy or miserable? (Seriously, this is a question you should ask yourself and answer. It may not be as obvious as it seems at first glance.) Outside circumstances affect how easy/difficult it may be to choose, but in the end it is in your hands. You improve on what you practice. Practicing a positive mindset is a choice left fully up to you.

In what mood do you want to live your life today? Right now?


  1. Matt Saurt

    Do you want to be happy or miserable?

    Most days happy, but some days maybe not as much if I am being honest about it. Sometimes grumpy is funner.

  2. fiona

    Awesome article.

  3. Norborto

    I must say you have a way of putting things like this. Nicely said.


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