J.K. Riki

Two Minutes of Quiet

Today is a short post to share a simple story. This morning I decided to take a few minutes to meditate before jumping into the mad rush of life. I had no specific goal in mind, nor a focus for what to think about. I simply knew it was time to schedule in a bit of quiet and peace among the craziness of the day to day.

After only a few minutes sitting in a quiet space (relative quiet; I had Ocean Sounds playing from my phone, which tends to stir up thoughts of Hawaii and relax me immensely) my brain started firing a stream of ideas for a new book with such enthusiasm I leaped up and went straight to my computer to write. Several hours later I had an outline and even a few first-draft chapters.

Time and again I have to be reminded that we live in such a fast-paced world full of attention-grabbing distractions that if we don’t schedule quiet time, we don’t get quiet time. And with this experience, I have to wonder: What are we missing out on as a result? I promise you without a few minutes of silence this morning I would not be sitting with the solid start of a future project right now. I would have easily putzed away the past few hours on email or Twitter or checking any news I might have missed over the weekend before getting down to other work. Monday mornings are particularly notorious for this slow-start.

Schedule some quiet time. Make the time for it. It’s important, and you have no idea what will come of it that you’d otherwise never get a chance to see.


  1. Adam

    I think you may have meant “meditate,” not “mediate,” in that first paragraph. Of course, it’s quite possible that you started your day by helping resolve disagreements, so what do I know? 😉

    I find it helpful to have a scheduled time for gathering my thoughts. These days, I do most of my thinking in the shower: there’s plenty of white noise, no interruptions, and a comfortable spray of hot water!

    1. JK Riki (Post author)

      I was mediating between my busy schedule and the need for quiet time! 😛 Thanks for catching that typo.

      And yes, the shower is a superb location for thinking. One of my favorites!

  2. John Kent

    Way cool! I appreciate you writing this and will do it. I have stuff that makes noises that we don’t even notice, like computers. Many people are within earshot of traffic all the time. And its just getting worst and worst every day! It is hard to find quiet but needed.


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