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For some, it might be sexually explicit images. Others, perhaps, get their kicks from the rush of political power. Or fame, or wealth, or material possessions.

To me, the very word “relaunch” sends shivers up the spine.

Okay, maybe that’s being a little melodramatic. Still, anyone who has been around long enough knows I used to relaunch FredtheMonkey.com like it was always going out of style. As soon as a relaunch was finished, off I went to scribble ideas down for the next. (So many cartoons were based on these relaunches!) Thankfully this site does not suffer from my manic desire to recreate and redesign, but I did feel it was high time for a new look. What you see before you is the new JKRiki.com in all its updated glory.

With a new year upon us, I felt now was the best time to unveil it. Obviously the core content has not changed, but hopefully you find this version easier to navigate. The weekly posts can be browsed more quickly, and if any compel you to read further a simple click will extend things past the short preview. My hope is to include an image or drawing with each one going forward. After all, I profess to work in a visual medium! (And if a picture is worth a thousand words, that will allow me to quickly up my word count by 1K a pop, right?) I also want to include some questions in posts so we can have a dialogue in the comments below.

My book the 15 Day Creativity Boot Camp is still available, as is the monthly newsletter. Both now appear jovially on the sidebar. I’m also working on some new goodies for the site. Hopefully they will appear in the coming months. That will likely depend on a mixture of the state of my health, and overcoming natural laziness.

No one knows what 2017 will bring. In fact, I feel less sure than any previous year what might happen over the next 365 days. My strange, still-unexplained stomach issue keeps me guessing every morning. Up-in-the-air classes that I’m hoping to take are, well, still up in the air. My Yearly To-Do List is this time mostly one big question mark, with a few smaller question marks sprinkled alongside. Plus one of my favorite blogs just ended, so I’m left wandering the streets, wailing like a cat.

Whatever the future holds, I am certain of a few things:

  • I will do my best to greet everything 2017 has to offer with a positive mindset, trying to find the valuable lessons in each situation that arises
  • I will continue to work on reducing my propensity to judge others far too much, and replace that (often more slowly than I’d like) with compassion and understanding even when frustrated
  • I will try to add value to this world of ours every day, rather than be part of the enticing collective of complaints and outrage ravaging the online (and offline) realm
  • I will read more C.S. Lewis and continue to wonder how so much genius can be found in just one author

I hope whatever your 2017 goals are they excite you and compel you to see them all the way through! Every day offers us the opportunity to be more like the people we want to be, no matter how we acted yesterday. When the calendar turns over, though, there’s a special kind of magic to those renewed efforts. Let’s put our best foot forward, and until we meet again next week, do the best we can do with the time we’ve been given! Life is short. Live it awake.

What are your goals for the new year? Leave a comment below and let me know!


  1. Adam

    I approve of your C.S. Lewis resolution. 🙂

    For the first time in years, I didn’t make any formal resolutions for the new year. I have a few definite goals, such as reorganizing my apartment, but have decided to try to take this year one day at a time.

    I like the site redesign, by the way; it’s very clean and accessible. My only suggestion is perhaps adding a label or title to the email subscription form to clarify that it’s for the creativity newsletter. A new visitor who reads the form might wonder, “To what am I subscribing?”

    1. JK Riki (Post author)

      Yeah… My wife put up the subscription box for me and kind of failed to add a title, ha ha. Well, fixed now, thanks for the heads up!

      Taking things one day at a time is generally a pretty good practice. After all, no one is guaranteed tomorrow! Of course, also true is “Without deadlines, few things get done.” 🙂 Good luck finding the balance between those two! If you have any tips let me know, as I myself still struggle with that balance!

      You might check out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever by Marie Kondo while you’re tackling organizing your space. It’s helped me a lot to find a place for everything so that “put away” has a concrete location. (Still in the process, but so far so good. It’s great to know when I need Item X it is exactly where it should be!)


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