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Picture It

I have a vase on my desk, and inside is a single flower. It’s a pink Gerber Daisy. I find Gerber Daisies to be such uplifting flowers. Though Plumeria will always be my favorite, there’s a special place in my world for Gerber Daisies.

One Daisy

In fact, I recently made that place in my world for them. A while back, while reading through a book about material possessions, I came across a passage that talked about closing your eyes and picturing the space you live in whichever way would make you feel the most joyful. For me, it meant a clutter-free area with a place to relax and a vase with a single flower in it.

After conjuring up this image, I quickly realized the only thing stopping me from living in my little dream was 1) The self-inflicted mess around me, and 2) no little vase with a daisy in it. Both of these things could be remedied. While I still have a ways to go to de-clutter my house (it’s coming along!) there was no reason to delay the vase and flower.

This is something very simple, but it’s made a difference for me. It’s put me more in line with my idea lifestyle. I may not be able to afford a dozen fresh roses every week, but a single flower and then is totally doable.

I would not have realized this simple pleasure without taking that time to sit and picture what my joyful space looks like in my head. I was missing out on something I could easily accomplish that would make me feel good, all because I never thought of it before. Today’s challenge for you is to take a minute and give your imagination a mini workout. Picture what the space around you would look like if it was to be your ideal, joyful space. Walk around in the mental image. See if there’s anything as simple as a Gerber Daisy that you might be able to bring back to the real world with you when you return.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment of quiet and thought to find a small way to make a big change in your life.


  1. Paulina

    Flowers bring such life to any setting. I would probably have them more often in my office if I could. Actually, why can’t I? Maybe it’s time to stop waiting for people to give me flowers and give myself some!

  2. M

    That’s a great idea, I’m going to give it a try. 🙂


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