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The Life and Times of JK Riki

This book does not exist. Well, it does to a degree. The picture above shows a prop I made for a video introduction I once had to do. The actual book itself is an old encyclopedia that I pasted a new cover and spine image on.

I found this prop as I was going through every book I own one by one. Given that the requirement for keeping a book during this process is “does it bring me joy?” I had to conclude that yes, this weird pretend-book brings me a great deal of joy. Not only does it remind me of the class I made it for (of which I have fond memories) but just seeing it on my shelf makes me laugh.

Even so, I often wonder what I’d put in a real “The Life and Times of J.K. Riki” book. If I were to pen a memoir or autobiography (not exactly sure what the difference is), what would I fill it with? Would anyone want to read it? Would I want to read it?

If we take a moment to think of our own lives as a story, written or otherwise, we can come across a great opportunity to determine if we’re spinning an interesting tale or not. It can wake us up from the day to day we’ve fallen asleep into and remind us that today is a perfect day to start a whole new chapter. Literally, if you were to write a book about your life, you could start something today that would begin a fresh chapter of that book.

What would that chapter look like? And would you want to read it?

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