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Mini Book Review: Tidying

Over the weekend I stopped at the library and a little squarish book caught my eye.


I had never heard of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up before, but you may have. Apparently it’s become quite popular. At any rate, I took Marie Kondo’s book home with me and read it straight through in one go. It is rare that a book captivates me in that way, but not only was it well written, the information inside was right up my alley.

I recommend taking a look at this book. I won’t go into a full synopsis here, because there are plenty of places online that do that and frankly I think reading the book is going to be far superior to any breakdown you might find. To summarize, this book presents a method for organizing and decluttering the material possessions in your life so that you will never have to deal with clutter ever again. It sounds unreasonable or too good to be true, and yet the method makes a lot of sense once you reach the last page.

It’s difficult, as most worthwhile things are. However if living without clutter ever returning (which is, in my experience, the downfall of all organization methods) sparks your interest, consider hitting your local library or ordering a copy of this book online. I am in no way affiliated with the book; this is just a personal recommendation based on finding something I really enjoyed.

And now I’m off to start the process, to see if it really works. I have a feeling it will, so long as I see it through to the end. That will be the real challenge.


  1. Adam

    I appreciate the value of clearing away clutter and keeping things tidy. As a missionary kid, I bounced between North and South America many times over a couple of decades. This pattern of frequent moving prevented me from accumulating a lot of clutter, and taught me to value my possessions.

    Of course, I’m also obsessive-compulsively neat, so there’s that. 😛

    1. JK Riki (Post author)

      The book is very much about valuing what you have, so you’re right on target! It is, unfortunately, a lesson I missed as a kid, where excess was a bit more common. So I’m making sure to learn the lesson now. 🙂

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