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Project: Music Stand

Today I’m sharing a personal venture that was just completed. It has less to do with creativity than me just showing off a cool project, but if you want to stretch it to a creativity lesson you could go with “It’s possible to take something rough and ugly and transform it into something great and suited to solve whatever problem you’re facing!”

As you may know, I’m currently learning to play the guitar. As a result, a bunch of sheet music and how-to books are scattered around the chair used for practicing. I needed something to keep it organized.

Goodwill find for 15 dollars

I found an old trash container at a local Goodwill store while dropping off some items. Not quite my style with the punched tin fruit basket and white ceramic knob. It was in rough shape, but only $15 with a lot of potential.

Refurbishing Goodwill find

I took it apart (careful to remember how to put it back together, ha ha), sanded it down, and gave it a coat of tinted primer I had left over from a previous project. Then a final coat of black paint, some new hardware, reassembly and…

Finished music stand

It turned out pretty well, I think! The new modern handle was an old spare in a box in the garage. The middle panel is a piece of fabric I brought back with me from a trip to Hawaii, so it will always remind me of my second favorite place on Earth when I see it. Plus there’s a ukulele inside, so that adds to the Hawaiian motif.

Music books inside the stand

I was surprised how quick the project went. The longest part was waiting for the paint to dry. Also it smelled a little off so I had to scrub it out well after I took it apart. I suppose that’s because it was, in its previous life, a garbage can holder. (Smells like the lavender bleach I used to clean it now.)

Anyway, next week it will be back to the creativity/inspiration stuff, but I thought I’d share this side project in the meantime! Have a great week!

Before and After music stand cabinet from Goodwill


  1. Ferdinand

    Turned out really nice! 🙂
    Man, I really want to do something hand-crafty too soon. I am always ashamed of how little I know about nails and screws and building actual real life things (that don’t fall apart).

    1. JK Riki (Post author)

      Best advice I can give you is to start now and just do it. The quicker you build your stuff that falls apart and breaks on contact (and you will, it’s part of learning) the sooner you can do cooler stuff like construct custom bathroom vanities and build your wife cube shelves. 🙂

      Start now. You’ll be happy you did in five years when you finally start to know what you’re doing!


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