J.K. Riki

Brain Blinking


Every time you blink, your eyes go through a self-cleaning process. Moisture is spread by the eyelids, and debris or irritants – some of which you might not even feel – are removed. Blinking isn’t an option. If you don’t do it, or can’t, you will go blind.

Imagine if it wasn’t a natural response of our bodies. How many people would try to squeeze out a few extra minutes of the day by sacrificing this required cleaning process?

Meditation is like blinking for your brain. When you sit quietly and reflect, you’re letting your mind go through a self-clearing process that reorganizes your thoughts.

Yet I hear a lot of people say they’re too busy for ten minutes of silence and mindfulness.

Consider this: Every day the average person blinks around 28,000 times. This adds up to spending about 10% of our waking hours with our eyes closed. Yet because it happens so quickly, we don’t even really notice it. Few people complain “I don’t have enough time to blink, there are more important things to do! I’d rather just go blind and be done with it.”

If we break down the average lifespan of a human being (78 years in the US; it varies by country) you’ll spend around 41,000,000 minutes hanging around this planet. Do you know how ten minutes compares to that number?

It’s a blink.

Creativity requires you to use your brain, so doesn’t it make sense to take care of it? Your body will force you to sleep when it becomes so deprived it can’t continue, but it isn’t going to require the downtime that things like meditation provides. It isn’t going to blink for you. You have to make that decision. It’s a choice.

It’s a worthwhile choice.

Take ten minutes. You’re not too busy. If anything, you will often find you have more time after your Brain Blinking re-prioritizes what it is you have to truly focus on. The noise will fade away and you’ll be left with the important tasks that fill your life with meaning. Ten minutes to recenter your life on purpose and meaning? That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

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  1. B.Toomly

    It never ceases to amaze how faster and faster paced society seems to get with every passing moment. Just when I think people have reached a level of over-worked that can’t be topped, they go ahead and do it. The idea of giving your brain time to blink is a good one. It fits into a busy schedule, but still gives a moment of time for rest beyond the go-go-go of the day to day. Thanks for the idea! Now if we could just make resting the bigger part of our lives instead of trying to carve out a tiny bit for such activities!

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