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My 2016 List of Goals

Ever since 2011, I’ve sat down in January and created a list of goals for the upcoming year. I find it to be a helpful way to make sure December doesn’t roll around with my thinking “Where did that year go? What did I even do?” I also amend my previous list with any major accomplishments I didn’t have planned.

If you’ve never put your goals into concrete form like that (or even your New Years Resolutions) I highly recommend it. There have been experiments done showing writing things down can dramatically change your end results.

Here are a few things on my own list for 2016:

January Husband Effort:

In addition to cutting way back on Internet use in January, I am going to try to refocus on my role as a husband. I do the cooking for our family, and with the hectic nature of the holiday season I didn’t quite prepare the healthy, home-cooked meals I would have preferred to. For this first month of 2016 I plan to dedicate a reasonable chunk of time in the afternoon to really putting effort into preparing food. I enjoy cooking, but sometimes it feels like a burden when I’m “too busy.” I want to make that, and the other house-related activities like renovations, a bigger priority for my wife’s sake.

An Animated Loop of Space Chicken:

As you may know, I used to run a website called FredtheMonkey.com filled with animated cartoons. The animation was rather basic, with a focus on story/humor, but this year I want to make one small, very-well-animated loop in finished form using the character Space Chicken. We recently had a guest post on looped animation at Animator Island, and it inspired me to give it a shot.

Writing Galore:

I have more than one writing project in the works, so I want to dedicate time to those new books! A friend of mine was kind enough to help start the editing process on my debut novel (which has been in the works on and off for almost 15 years!) and I’m hoping to publish at least one new book of some kind this year. I loved creating the 15 Day Creativity Boot Camp, and I want to keep that ball rolling!

And More:

There are a bunch of other things on my list, including making an Android app with my wife, creating a Creativity workshop to hold at the local library, and a return to drawing practice which I’ve neglected for too many months. All in all, I’m excited to see how it goes!
Do you have any major plans or goals for 2016? Don’t just talk about them, write them down!

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