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The 15 Day Creativity Boot Camp is Here!

After quite a bit of time in the works, my book the 15 Day Creativity Boot Camp has arrived! You can find and order a copy right here in both print and e-Book versions.

The book is designed to walk the reader step by step through the creative process. It begins by explaining the necessary shift in mindset to work in “Creativity Mode.” Without this mental change, creativity is hampered, or impossible. It then leads you through the process so that you can apply creativity to any problem you may have. (There are also tips and techniques for getting past creative blocks, if you happen to struggle with those as I sometimes do.)

Creativity Boot CampI wrote it so that no matter what background you have with creativity – if you practice it daily or you consider yourself a totally “uncreative” person – the book will help train you. Already have a creative muscle and it will help you tone it. Lack any creative experience and it will show you the way through.

I also decided to publish it under a Pay What You Want model, which means you can set whatever price you feel good about and get your copy today. We’ll see how that goes, because it’s my first time trying that particular model. I think it works well for a topic like this, though. Plus it’s the way I would really love to see the world work, and if I mean that then it only makes sense to live that out.

Let me know what you think, and if you’re a member over at Goodreads.com please feel free to chime in there as well! Thanks!

Click here for more details and to get a copy for yourself. During the first week of the launch, all print copies will be autographed copies!

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