J.K. Riki

Week Off: NYC

No blog post this week, due to traveling in New York City. Till next Monday, be well!

Mini Book Review: Tidying

Over the weekend I stopped at the library and a little squarish book caught my eye. I had never heard of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up before, but you may have. Apparently it’s become quite popular. At any rate, I took Marie Kondo’s book home with me and read it straight through in one go. It is rare that a book captivates me in that way, but not only…
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Everyone Is Way Worse Than Me

Two things I know well about human beings is that we quite enjoy judging others and really, really dislike judging ourselves. It doesn’t take much foresight to see how this can cause some problems. For starters, that attitude means our natural assumption is “we are right and they are wrong.” We aren’t generally as critical of our own opinions the way we are of others. We can find holes in…
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The Choice is Yours

I spent the weekend – all weekend – helping someone move, and am exhausted! So here is a tweet from earlier today, and I will rest up and return to regular lengthy updates next week. (Though there’s something to be said for keeping it short and sweet!)

What Are Roadblocks Telling You?

Sometimes I write blog posts for others, and sometimes I write them to work through my own challenges. This is a “my own challenge” blog post, so feel free to read it or skip it depending on your interest level. In life you’re going to encounter road blocks as you progress towards your goals. This is inevitable. (The alternative is you reach no road blocks because you are not moving…
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Work = Want

How much we want something is a good indicator of how hard we’re willing to work, and vice versa. Right now I am working on making a game app for (hopefully) some future release. It is very early in the process. I hate the process. Programming leaves me drained and infuriated. It often makes me physically ill and certainly emotionally stressed. I don’t like programming, and I’m relatively sure it…
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Spec Work is Not Evil

The following is a response to this article, which unfortunately has had the comment section closed. It relates to the tricky subject of artists and designers working for free. While I certainly understand the current “War on Spec Work” that is cascading through our industry like a disease, I have to disagree with several points of the above article (and the war) based on experience in the real world. I…
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Project: Music Stand

Today I’m sharing a personal venture that was just completed. It has less to do with creativity than me just showing off a cool project, but if you want to stretch it to a creativity lesson you could go with “It’s possible to take something rough and ugly and transform it into something great and suited to solve whatever problem you’re facing!” As you may know, I’m currently learning to…
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Want to be an artist? Start here.

Art is not about talent. It’s not about studying in Paris, or going to a big name college. Art is about effort. It is about work. Put in the time and energy and see how far you’ll go. This is advice that, if followed, will allow anyone who wants to be an artist to become an artist. It really is that simple. There are no shortcuts to doing great art,…
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When We Get Defensive

Human beings continue to be fascinating subjects. For example, have you ever noticed that when we get defensive we often immediately jump to extremes? It’s almost as if we’re so afraid of losing ground in an argument that whatever it takes to win becomes acceptable. Someone might be discussing the benefit of national healthcare, for example, and an opponent leaps to “Look how well Communism worked out for Russia!” Or…
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