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Sleeping Till June

As you may be aware from my past two posts, I’ve been suffering from vertigo lately. It’s unfortunately continuing to nag me in spite of a resolution diagnosis of two weeks. Interestingly I find it’s far worse when I’m sitting and thinking about it. Also when using the computer. When distracted with other things, I feel completely normal. This, of course, makes me wonder how much of it is psychosomatic…
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Still Spinning!

Unfortunately my vertigo is still hanging around, and what makes it most severe is using the computer. I can do almost any activity and it merely nags me in the background, but when I look at the screen on my desk the room starts whooshing around like I’m on a boat. Sorry about the break in updates, if it was up to me I’d be fully back to normal by…
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I am suffering from vertigo, so no post right now. Hopefully back to it once the world stops spinning so much!

Are You Procrastinating?

Procrastination is a tricky bit of business. This month I’m taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo, which is a lighter, looser version of National Novel Writing Month. I intended to write while in Hawaii, to keep up with word count goalposts as I continued towards 50,000 words. As jam-packed as the trip ended up being, I only wrote a few words one of the days I was there. The past week,…
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The Creativity of Ziplining

I had a chance to try ziplining during my recent trip to Maui, Hawaii. It was an interesting experience, given that I normally have a small fear of heights. I didn’t feel any of those misgivings during the courses, though. By the end I was running off the platforms to get up to full speed and just enjoying the moment. One of our guides, Melvin, talked a bit about how…
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Delayed Post – Jetlagging

I had the fantastic opportunity to visit the island of Maui, Hawaii last week, but arrived home just before midnight on Sunday. Today’s blog post will see a slight delay as I try to readjust to East Coast time! Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, here’s a picture of a waterfall near Hana called The Three Bears. I hopped off the road and under a bridge to climb down…
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H2O Reminder

Short and to the point post today! Your body is around 60% water. This water does a lot for you, including assisting with digestion, food absorption, circulation, distributing nutrients, and even maintenance of body temperature. When you don’t have enough fluid in you, these functions can go out of balance and lead to serious issues. Plus you don’t have to be doing a physically demanding task to have your fluid…
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No Need to Wait

My 2016 Goals list includes “read two books on writing” under the Writing category. I recently reviewed that goal list and picked this item out to push forward, with the first two (of four) writing books arriving from the library this past week. I bring this up because often we set goals at the start of the year, but by March have long forgotten them. You don’t have to wait…
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Flexibility is Always Required

I don’t do some weird experiment every month or anything, but following my attempts to eat all the food in the house  and cut back on Internet use recently, I decided to try something else new. I’ve talked in the past about the problem I have with my overstuffed wardrobe and finally determined to do something about it. Earlier this month I scooped up armfuls of clothes and banished them…
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Don’t Confuse the Start From the Finish

I have a friend who I don’t see too often, but every time we get together he asks me “How are the book sales?” I usually smile and say “Still chugging along!” I’m certainly grateful for his interest, but truthfully I didn’t write The 15 Day Creativity Boot Camp for “the sales.” Sure, having it make enough to pay for printing costs (still working towards that goal) is nice, but…
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