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What Drives You?

We all need a driving force if we want to be productive. The sheer number of shows on Netflix encourage us to sit and consume (the opposite of producing) until we slowly turn to dust. Or, if you don’t have Netflix, there are plenty of activities in our world to eat away all our time, from birth to death. For many, money is a driving force. Whether that be for…
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The 3AM Conundrum

I often wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes it’s because of a dream, while other times some health issue forces me awake. On occasion I will just find myself staring into the dark for no real reason at all, unable to fall back to sleep. Being wide awake in the middle of the night can be a tricky thing to deal with. I usually have a wealth…
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Practicing What You Preach

I am a big proponent of loving people. In my experience (and a lot of data backs it up elsewhere, too) you can have a much more positive effect on people by caring about them and showing them kindness than any alternative. Growing up, my mother often guided me with the proverb of “You get more with honey than you do with vinegar.” I’ve tried many methods for dealing with…
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Vacation Time!

I have decided to take a vacation. Not from my life or work or even this blog (for this post marks the return from hiatus!) but a vacation from being sick. This is, of course, very odd. After all, you mostly don’t get to decide if your body is unwell. However I was put on a new medication for two weeks, and then the doctor and I will reevaluate the…
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I feel bad having to do another break in the blog after the summer dizzy issues kept me away, but it looks like my health is struggling again and a hiatus would be wise. Not sure what the root of the problem is at the moment, and been to the doctor many times in the past few weeks. For some reason I’m having trouble breathing, and my heart keeps racing…
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NaNoWriMo Approaches

October is quickly drawing to a close, and that means National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner! (Find out more here.) I had intended to try Planning rather than Pantsing this year, but here we are a week away and I haven’t planned a thing. I suppose that’s not entirely true, as I have decided on a general concept based on a short story I wrote a while…
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Set Deadlines

If you want to get something done, set a deadline. This is simple advice, but we often overlook it with our own projects. Adhering to other people’s deadlines is much easier; we feel responsible to meet their expectations. I have been working on tidying the house, but I have set no deadline for it. I’m excited to reach the end, but the end will never come if I don’t set…
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An Ocean of Ideas

As I previously mentioned, I’m currently going through every item I own one by one to determine what really adds value to my life and what is just clutter. This process has lead me to gather all the papers in the house (bills, drawings, old receipts from the grocery store that I’m unclear why I kept for the past six years, etc) and pile them in the living room. I…
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My Life Story

This book does not exist. Well, it does to a degree. The picture above shows a prop I made for a video introduction I once had to do. The actual book itself is an old encyclopedia that I pasted a new cover and spine image on. I found this prop as I was going through every book I own one by one. Given that the requirement for keeping a book…
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Week Off: NYC

No blog post this week, due to traveling in New York City. Till next Monday, be well!