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Q&A: Creativity, Art, Fred the Monkey, and Negativity

Today we’ve got some questions and answers, so let’s jump right in! “What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the creative process? Does each creative experience have moments that are predictably pleasant or unpleasant for you?” –Adam My personal favorite part is definitely the beginning. When all ideas are still on the table, and the table doesn’t even exist in your mind yet, the possibilities are endless! The…
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Lessons from Ludum Dare

This past weekend I had the privilege to enter Ludum Dare 38, an online “game jam” where entrants work to make a game from scratch in just three days. Today’s post features that game if you’d like to play it, as well as some work-in-progress roughs and a bunch of lessons learned from the experience! First of all, here’s the game. It’s called Mr. Fishy’s Small World. (Note for my…
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Work Art vs. Fun Art

I normally post my art on Instagram, Twitter, and DeviantArt rather than this blog, but today’s entry is based on an idea I put down in comic form: I spent a large portion of the past few years working and worrying about practicing art. It had become a routine done through gritted teeth. This is necessary sometimes when we’re practicing a skill, especially early on when we aren’t any good…
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I Think Science is More Important Than Art

Let me start at the end. “Until we treat Art as equally important as things like Science, we will never find the balance needed to produce the fullest human beings.” Now let me explain what brought me to the idea above. First, there’s something you need to understand. Until now it has been a secret of mine. Something I’ve tried to hide due to how unpopular it is among my…
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Art: Ukrainian Eggs 2017

A break from the Creative/Inspiration posts today to share some art. Here are some of the Ukrainian Eggs I did for 2017. It was a tricky year for pysanky eggs, as physical limitations meant I couldn’t do my usual 50-70! Still, I did what I could, and am grateful to others for stepping up and producing a bunch for our annual Egg Show. Now that the show is over and…
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