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Author, animator, and overwhelmingly grateful everyday to God for the life to do those things. www.JKRiki.com

Permission Granted

I recently read Stephen King’s memoir “On Writing.” In the book, he talks about two golden rules of being a writer: Write a lot and read a lot. He mentions that when he talks to young authors who respond to this advice with “Unfortunately I don’t have time to read,” he tells them “Then you don’t have time to be a writer.” This advice seems a little harsh on the…
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Overnight Success Guaranteed!

I can think of no better way to begin this new website than with a post on how, on Day 1, this website is twelve years old. Time and again I come across people looking for instant success. Heck, I look for it myself. After all, “The World” presents you with stories on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis describing people who shot straight to the top. Generally this happens because…
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