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Work Art vs. Fun Art

I normally post my art on Instagram, Twitter, and DeviantArt rather than this blog, but today’s entry is based on an idea I put down in comic form:

I spent a large portion of the past few years working and worrying about practicing art. It had become a routine done through gritted teeth. This is necessary sometimes when we’re practicing a skill, especially early on when we aren’t any good at it. What I had failed to do, or even recognize, was to balance “Work Art” and “Fun Art.” When I sat down after many months of only the forced-for-practice style of art, I discovered I had forgotten how to begin to approach doing art simply for the joy of it.

I ran this comic past my cousin who is a professional musician, curious to know if he had ever experienced such things. His response was “Ha ha, only always!” It seems I am not alone.

So today’s post is a reminder, that even though we have to practice hard to excel at our craft (whatever that craft might be), we also need to take time to revel in the joy of it. Draw for fun. Play chords not to mimic precisely a song, but to hear the strumming waves. Write for yourself even if no one else ever sees the page. These “artsy” things are important alongside the rigors of daily practice.

Creativity is hard work, but it cannot be ONLY work. If it is, you will lose part of the very spark that makes it what it is.

Have you been neglecting the “fun” side of any of your personal skills or craft?

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  1. Hannah Wilson

    Good reminder! Sometimes we have to have fun art to remember why we love doing it.


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