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What Drives You?

We all need a driving force if we want to be productive. The sheer number of shows on Netflix encourage us to sit and consume (the opposite of producing) until we slowly turn to dust. Or, if you don’t have Netflix, there are plenty of activities in our world to eat away all our time, from birth to death.

For many, money is a driving force. Whether that be for the sake of survival, or thriving, or excessively thriving. These folks are productive because they want the financial reward, regardless of if they enjoy the work or find any meaning it in.

For some, meaning itself is a driving force. They put purpose over any other gains, knowing that it fulfills a part of the soul material things can’t.

Some people are driven for the benefit of others. Some strive to increase their own stature.

Most are a combination of many of these things and more.

It is extremely valuable to be conscious of what drives you. I’m reminded of a Simpsons episode where Homer takes all the photos of his youngest daughter, Maggie, and arranges them at his workstation so he always knows why he does what he does.

Homer and Maggie

Today is an opportunity to take a brief moment in the hectic world we live in to determine what drives you. Dive deep and see where your motivation comes from. It might be one source, or many. There’s no wrong answer, only the truth. If what drives you is not something you feel good about, there’s a chance to change it. If it’s something you’re thrilled to have as your driving force, focus on it. Dwell on it, if you will. Revel in it, so you can be filled with passion and enthusiasm for another day on this planet of ours.


  1. Christine

    Driving forces in all our lives are always changing, too. When I was younger I cared a lot about my career and advancement. Then I got a family and they became the most important thing. Who knows what will drive me when I am old and grey. ^.^

    1. Denny009

      That’s a smart answer to something we all have to look hard at.


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