J.K. Riki

Set Deadlines

If you want to get something done, set a deadline. This is simple advice, but we often overlook it with our own projects. Adhering to other people’s deadlines is much easier; we feel responsible to meet their expectations.

I have been working on tidying the house, but I have set no deadline for it. I’m excited to reach the end, but the end will never come if I don’t set a target goal.

I have several new books in various stages of development, but none are being completed because there’s no sense of urgency. Having published a book, I know the thrill that comes from finishing, so I’d love to shoot for that again.

I began writing a dozen songs, but have none completed to share with others. Instead I just keep beginning new songs.

Today, pick a project or goal you have and think about when you’d like it to be finished by. Then start working to meet that deadline. Hold yourself accountable to it and you’ll no doubt find you will be a lot happier when that day arrives and you have a completed project in front of you.

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